BLACK+DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven Review

Make a snack or an entire meal quickly and easily with this stainless steel toaster oven, beautifully designed to look attractive on your kitchen counter. Here you get countertop cooking versatility with the Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven. The easy-to-use controls offer cooking functions to bake, broil, toast and keep warm, with a 30-minute timer featuring a stay on function.

The extra-deep curved interior fits four slices of toast or a casserole and can even hold a nine-inch pizza with ease. The Black & Decker Toaster Oven comes with a removable crumb tray and dishwasher-safe accessories, making for an easy and quick cleanup. The oven also includes a bake pan and broil rack to accommodate all types of recipes at any meal.

81q1VYC71GL._SL1500_Product description

  • 30 Minute timer with stay-on function.
  • Product internal dimensions: 10.75″x9″x7″ approx.
  • Dimensions: Width: 15.5 inches, Length: 9.8 inches, Height: 8.8 inches
  • Accommodates a 9″ pizza
  • Toast, broil, bake and keep warm functions
  • Power indicator light
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Includes bake pan and broil rack
  • This is a reasonably capable toaster oven.



It toasts bread relatively evenly and is an easy alternative to using my full-sized oven for re-heating small items. Even though there is only a single heating element on the top and bottom, it does a good job. The toaster oven comes with a crumb tray for the bottom, a wire rack and a drip tray/baking pan.

It has 4 modes: warm, broil, bake, toast. In warm and broil mode, only the top heating element is used, in bake and toast mode, both heating elements are used.

As a broiler it’s fine for small things. Quick batches of nachos are a natural for this toaster oven.

Making toast in this is not quite the same as with a toaster. Since the bottom side of the toast is on the wire rack you end up with “zebra” toast. With this you set the “darkness” level using the timer.

It’s imprecise and you really need to keep an eye on what’s going on or you could easily end up with burnt-to-a-crisp toast. Once you get the “feel” for the toaster oven though, it works quite well.

81VKeONUWlL._SL1500_The power cord is only 2′ long for safety reasons. A small plastic knob on the back of the oven is to ensure you don’t get this too close to a wall. I was concerned that using this on a counter might get the counter too hot, but that hasn’t been an issue so far. I haven’t used it for longer than 5-10 minutes at a time though.

The knob that controls how well done toast is done seems to skew mostly towards people that like darker toast. We say that because I tend to like mine lighter.

The way you make toast in this thing is to turn the knob up to the highest setting and then “back” to where you want it to go. There are three indicators on the scale – the highest being totally black, and the lowest being “totally white”

The instruction sheet comes in English, Spanish and French languages and is sufficient, along with quick start guide, to understand how to set dials for desired use.


  • Does even toasting with right settings and looks good on my counter
  • The knobs are well-marked so you can easily see what they’re pointing to, and having 3 knobs simplifies using the various functions
  • It has a large interior space
  • It bakes, broils, toasts, and warms
  • It also takes up less space than a microwave and does just about everything a microwave does


  • The handle is very close to the top of the toaster and it can burn your hand when trying to open when it is very hot.
  • The interior is small. If you want to cook for more than two people you may want to consider a larger oven.

Our Opinion

This is convenient for small baking and broiling needs because of its size. The BLACK+DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven comes complete with bake, broil, toast, and keep warm functions, this handy kitchen companion is ideal for making a tasty, simple meal in no time. It comfortably fits up to four slices of bread or even a 9” pizza, which are easily browned to perfection thanks to the built-in 30-minute timer. Plus, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the removable crumb tray.

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