Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer Review

Frying food is a preferred option for most of us mostly because of that crispy texture and taste. There are many deep fryers in the market hence need to understand your personal need so as to make a right choice when shopping for one. Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer comes into play to provide a frying solution to small families of two to three persons.

This Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer is generously sized for greater versatility some even accommodating a whole chicken. You can fry crispy, mouth-watering foods without the mess which sometimes comes with frying food. Food can be lowered into hot oil and lifted out while the lid is closed for splatter free frying.

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  • 8 cup oil capacity, Dimensions (inches): 8.58 H x 11.38 W x 13.94 D
  • Lets you fry with lid closed to reduce splattering
  • Cooks 6 cups of French fries or chicken tenders
  • Safety features include Cool-touch sides won’t burn hands if touched accidentally and Breakaway, magnetic power cord
  • Lets you lift basket to drain food while lid is closed
  • Cooks faster than competitors
  • Fast frying & heat up removable immersed heating element
  • Lets you fry with lid closed to reduce splattering
  • Viewing window
  • Power on and ready lights
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Lid, heating element and enamel coated oil tank remove for easy cleaning

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers also feature adjustable heat and convenient timers. This Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers for your home is easy to clean and it includes a dishwasher-safe nonstick pot. The breakaway cord feature on the deep fryers makes storage easy too.

What we liked about it714mg36azgl-_sl1500_

  • The design with the removable controls and heating element allows the pan that holds the oil to be completely removed for draining and cleaning.
  • It has a short code for safety reasons.
  • The plug that goes into the back of the fryer is held in place by magnets so if you try to move it, it comes out. This isn’t a design flaw but another safety element.
  • The unit is rather large compared to the size of the pan that holds the oil but that extra space provides insulation and keeps the exterior rather cool.
  • Easy to use, clean and to store
  • It has both a power light and a “ready” light to let you know the oil has reached the temperature you set it for
  • We also like the feature that allows you to hang the basket out of the oil without opening the door. This lets you completely drain the oil out of your food, while still keeping it nice and hot.
  • It has a friendly price
  • It has been confirmed to be durable.


What we did not like about it

  • Top window fogs up when lid closed for too long
  • The basket has some sharp points exposed which might cut you while cleaning but not a problem if you know about it and be careful.
  • There are some gaps around the basket when you put it into the fryer meaning they could package it better to prevent wasting oil
  • The cooking space is relatively small.

Our opinion

This is convenient for small frying needs because of its size. The unit is rather large compared to the size of the pan that holds the oil this is because that extra space provides insulation and keeps the exterior rather cool for your safety bearing in mind the frying temperatures.

There is a unique feature with it of a short and detachable magnetic code which many people regard as a design flaw but that is a safety feature, in that if by mistake your hand moves fast between the appliance and the socket, the code detaches instead of toppling the whole appliance or splashing the oil.

There are a few specifications we didn’t like but they aren’t worth to change your considerations of this appliance.

If your frying need is not that much or you are a small family wishing to have a deep fryer which can serve you better, then Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer is worth your consideration

This handy kitchen companion is ideal for that need you have, a deep fryer which you can manage easily and get value for your money. We recommend it to you.

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