HIG mosquito Net Bed Canopy Review

Disturbing insects at home can be a real bother, and mosquitoes at night when you need to catch some sleep aren’t an exception. Apart from being disease vectors, they do deprive us of peace throughout the night. For some, mosquito repellents, but most of us can’t stand the smell, or react to the chemicals.  In that case, a well-designed mosquito net comes handy.

If you’re in the market for a durable, fashionable mosquito net, then the HIG mosquito net Bed Canopy is worth a long look as you shop around.

Product Highlights51E1vxKXGgL

  • Lace dome diameter: 23.7 inches; Net Height 94.6 inches
  • With a strong suction hook and two screws, easier to install.
  • Sucker diameter 4.65in, Screw fixation more firmly
  • 100% polyester fabric.
  • Applicable to a variety of models of bed, include 39.4*78.8in, 47.3*78.8in, 59.1*78.8in, 70.9*78.8in Beds
  • Product dimension: 78.8x 23.6x 94.6 inches
  • Product weight: 10.4 ounces

Unlike most mosquito nets, installing the HIG is very simple; all you have to do is clean the area first, then stick the sucker stick on the roof in the middle of the bed. You’re done! The double-sided adhesive Sucker stick on one side, the other side stuck to the ceiling. Reinforce the sucker with the screw, then hang mosquito nets, installation is completed.

If the roof of your house is relatively high, I suggest you can connect a length of rope. The net is wrapped up that you have no idea that it is already assembled. The metal ring that holds this net in place is folded so be very careful when you are unwrapping the package because it will pop out like a jack in a box on you as it does to many.

Instantly the net is ready to be placed anywhere. The hook comes included and you have two different options to install it: you can screw it in with screws they also provide you with or you can use the double sided sticky pad that it came with

It is made 100% from polyester and most important it is not just a mosquito net that protects you from mosquitos at nights but it is also a tool to transform a boring bed into something new, more fancy and cool.

What we liked…51ELm+1qfqL

  • The net is lightweight and quite inexpensive
  • It keeps all the bugs out which is awesome to all buyers
  • For aesthetic purposes it has a great appearance
  • This is very easy to hang in the ceiling with minimal work
  • The material of the netting is pretty sturdy, the sides are secured to allow entry.
  • The canopy drapes nicely and the rounded top gives it a very flowy effec
  • It not only coverers the top bunk, but was long enough to stretch out and cover the bottom bunk as well.
  • It’s a lovely light material with pretty, frilly lace detailing on the top.

Our Opinion

The HIG mosquito net Bed Canopy is one of those mosquito nets that are hard to pass by in the market today. It gives you the additional benefits of durable material, great design and adds some life to your bedroom, affordably. For all these, it is an easy choice to recommend for anyone in the market for anyone in the market for a mosquito net that guarantees peaceful sleep.

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