Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Chain Saw Review

As a land owner, most of the time you need that chainsaw with power which will give you the service you need in trimming that wood, cutting down the old wood into firewood with ease and occasionally converting that wood to valuable timber. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw is an option for you which you need to think of.

The 455 Rancher is an ideal saw for landowners and part-time users who require a high powered, heavy-duty and responsive workmate for all cutting conditions. It combines the best characteristics of its predecessor with new, facilitating technology and ergonomics.

The Husqvarna 455 is a powerful and reliable chainsaw, perfect for any cutting task. The 3.5-hp X-Torq engine of this Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw provides you with exceptional cutting performance. The 9000 rpm maximum power speed of this Husqvarna chainsaw allows you to cut tough or hard material with ease. You can simply clean and change the air filter of the Husqvarna 455 chainsaw with its Quick-release air filter. The Air Injection feature of this Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw ensures durability by keeping it clean from dirt and debris. You can comfortably handle this Husqvarna chainsaw with its front angled handle.

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  • The x-torq engine technology reduces fuel consumption up to 20-percent and emissions up to 60-percent, Low vibration
  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter
  • Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter
  • 20-Inches long 55-1/2cc 2-stroke gas-powered chain saw; CARB complaint; this results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life

The 455 Rancher has an EPA-friendly carburetor that limits the pollution from the 2-stroke engine. It is compliant with the California Resources Board (CARB) regulations. The engine has plenty of force to mow through some serious timber in decent time. Yet it burns almost 20% less fuel than older, non-compliant chainsaws.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch 55-1/2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw has a patented vibration dampening system that your arms will be thankful for. The low vibration will tire you out much less than other chainsaws. At almost 13 pounds, the machine is a beast. It was designed for durability. For safety reasons, you won’t want to use it above your shoulders or while on a ladder, if you can help it.

Another feature is the air intake system that blows away the sawdust before it gets to the air filter. That makes the chain saw run more efficiently. The muffler directs the air right onto the cut rather than to the side where it can scorch your arm.

 What we liked about it.2

  • It is easy to start, whether cold or hot. Usually it only takes a few tugs on the rope. This is important when you are worn out from a day of woodwork or when your fingers are stiff from the cold.
  • The saw is powerful and fast cutting, tackling any wood with ease as long as the operator doesn’t bind the chain. Unlike other under-powered saws, this one will go the distance and do it more quickly. You won’t have to work the saw into the cut.
  • Any chain will stretch with use so you need to stop the saw and tighten it regularly. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch, however, makes that easy by having a manual chain adjustment built in. Unlike other saws, you don’t have to take off the cover to tighten the chain.
  • Most importantly, this chainsaw has a sensitive chain brake. The brake will seize up the chain if the saw jumps back at you. If you lose your footing in the woods, the chain brake will pop and make sure you don’t get hurt.
  • Compared to most models, it is easier on the arms because of the anti-vibration system.
  • Also, it is hundreds of dollars less than the pro models it competes with.
  • Compared to the less expensive Homelite or Sears brands, this saw is more durable and should be less frustrating to operate.

What  we didn’t like about it

  • To start with, the bottom of this chainsaw is slightly rounded. That makes the saw unsteady when you have to service the chain. This is really annoying when you have to work on your saw in the field.
  • The brake system is complex. It is not designed to be serviced by the owner, though you can get the parts online. The owner’s manual tells you to have it serviced at a professional repair shop. That is not helpful to owners who like to do their own repairs to save money.
  • The manual does not have a comprehensive troubleshooting section. A chainsaw is a complex machine, similar to a motorcycle. Many owners, who buy at this price range, want to be able to work on the machine themselves just like motorcyclists. A thorough troubleshooting section would help with that.

Our opinion

The 455 Rancher is a good machine to have for your residential property when the nature of your sawing works tends to be more on a heavy side. Despite the many features that make it seem like a good tool for industrial works, it is required to be serviced by an expert if you don’t have the capacity to do so.

Like all chain saws, this Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw unit is a high maintenance machine. You’ll want to sharpen the chain periodically to keep those big chips flying. Keep the saw clean and the oil holes unplugged. Check to see that the air filter is clean after a few loads. Flip over the bar every few days of use. You want it to wear evenly. Don’t use gas that has ethanol in it because it will damage your 2-stroke engine over time.

If you do this simple maintenance, this machine should last for a long time. Overall this is a great product. Any serious landowner shouldn’t hesitate to buy this saw.

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