Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Bundle Review

Exercise is an inevitable activity if you want to live a healthy life. There many equipment and accessories in the market but most of them are beyond our affordability. Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Bundle is an option which will give that exercise you need without affecting much your budget.

It has a great design, a wonderful addition to your growing collection of home exercise equipment. The resistance bands, and base allow you to seamlessly interchange from one muscle group to another.


The poster that comes with it shows all the ways in which you can use the ball and the bands, and which part of the body it targets. The resistance bands can also be modified to create varying resistance, by wrapping them around the ring. Overall we are very impressed – especially as you can work out whilst sat down which is great for your back

Your complete home gym system includes

  • 1 anti-burst fitness ball,
  • 1 stability ring,
  • 1 foot pump,
  • 2 resistance bands
  • An exercise wall chart.

What we liked about it

  • Made of tough PVC with a nonstick surface,
  • Inflates quickly & easily with foot pump (included)
  • Resists puncturing & bursting
  • Bears loads up to 750 lbs.
  • Won’t attract dust or pet hair
  • Comes with a handy tape measure for gauging perfect inflation level91vadqljxgl-_sl1500_
  • Best of all, this versatile ball recruits more muscles for more effective workouts. Set it in its stability ring which is included to keep it safely anchored. OR use it without the ring. Either way, it’s perfect for push-ups, crunches, planks, bridges & more. Even works well as an ergonomic office chair.
  • With it is a resistance bands for even more options: Use the sturdy metal clips which is included to safely secure these strong latex bands to your ball’s stability ring. Then grip the comfortable handles & stretch! Bands expand up to thoroughly work your full body muscles.
  • It has a free bonus wall chart: Your set also includes a colorful A1-size poster with 30 tried-&-true exercises to get you started.


Our Opinion

Why pay for costly gym memberships or bulky, heavy equipment? With this Mantra Sports Bundle, you can tone your abs, firm your glutes, do strength training, yoga & more… all in the comfort & privacy of your home, office, or hotel room.

We have to say that the product is great and more than just an exercise ball. The poster that comes with it shows all the ways in which you can use the ball and the bands, and which part of the body it targets.

We recommend for your Home Exercise.

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