OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee Review

A dry shower with clean glass is what every one of us desires to have. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee has been designed to give that solution, providing a smooth, resistant-free swipe every time you use it, the OXO Good Grips Squeegee which flexes as you wipe for consistent movement at an ideal angle. It is perfect for wiping down your glass shower door.


  • Designed with windshield wiper blade technology featuring a precision edge for consistent movement while wiping
  • Flexible, rotating hanging hook allows you to hang it on shower heads, caddies or towel bars
  • Slim profile and lightweight construction
  • Suction hook provides easy, convenient storage
  • Blade flexes as you wipe, ensuring it is at right swiping angle from top to bottom
  • Soft, comfortable handle is nonslip, even when wet
  • Durable silicone wiper blade
  • Blade measures 10″ L

Using the OXO Squeegee71SbPWI0pQL._SL1500_

You can Use the OXO Squeegee to clean tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors, soapy shower doors, and of course, windows. The flexible blade on our Squeegee can be used on curved surfaces, while the soft, comfortable handle nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand without slipping. The slim profile of our Squeegee allows it to be stored neatly on the included suction cup hanger. It has durable and flexible blade for fast and streak-free drying. Its slim profile and lightweight construction, PVC-free suction hook provides easy and convenient storage. Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle.

The windshield wiper-inspired blade design provides a smooth, resistance-free swipe and streak-free drying. This blade features a rotating hook for easy storage.

The non-slip, egg-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip, while the flexible blade allows for use on any household surface, even rippled ones.

 Additional tip

If your suction cup loses its shape, simply place it in boiling water in a glass or metal pot for three minutes, remove and let it air dry. The suction cup will regain its shape and be ready to hold onto your squeegee/razor once again!


  • Durable, flexible blade for fast, streak-free drying
  • Slim profile and lightweight construction
  • Suction hook provides easy, convenient storage
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle
  • It is wide enough to be useful, thin enough to reach behind shower riser bars and clear.
  • It doesn’t scratch the tiles.
  • Excellent product – attaches firmly and easily to the shower tiles. Clears the shower tiles and door of water instantly


  • The blade is angled wrong or some other feature since it doesn’t hold an edge against the side of the glass panel, which makes it constantly slide over to the metal frame when one tries to get a clean swipe close to the edge.

Our opinion

When it comes to the right squeegee for your bathroom, OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee is the clear choice, if you want a squeegee for the shower, this is your item.

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