Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review

Working out has been a challenge for many of us but with Stamina 1690 Power Tower all that has been simplified by providing one simple unit for multiple workouts. Building total body strength and sculpting your chest, abs, back and arms has never been easier or more convenient. With the Stamina 1690 Power Tower, you’ll get a whole lot of gym equipment in one 49” by 42” footprint. The multiple workout stations utilize gravity and your own body weight to provide an invigorating, effective workout.

Forget power hour, meet the Stamina 1690 Power Tower. If you’re serious about working out, this is just the unit for you. Features comfortable, secure, foam hand-grips for ergonomic push ups, pull ups, and chin ups. This one simple piece also features tricep dips, vertical knee raises, and versatile workouts for chest, abs, back, and arms. Includes slip end caps. 250-pound weight capacity.

What we liked about it

  • Foam Padded Push-up Station:1Sculpt your chest and shoulders with the push-up station. The raised station allows you to perform push-ups with a neutral wrist, decreasing the strain on the wrist joints.
  • Foam Padded Pull-up and Chin-up Station:1You can also sculpt your back, arms and shoulders with pull-ups and chin-ups. Plus, engaging different muscle groups has never been easier – simply choose between the outside grips or the center.
  • Foam Padded Sit-up Station:3Sit-ups, crunches and other ab workouts can be performed at the sit-up station. The foam padded grips can be used for your hands or your feet, depending on your orientation or routine.
  • Foam Padded Triceps Dip Station:4Strengthen your abs and triceps at the dip station. The station can be used for either triceps dips or vertical knee raises.
  • Non-slip Endcaps:5No matter how intense your workout session is, you can be assured that the 1690 Power Tower will remain steady. The non-slip endcaps protect your floors as well.
  • Steel Frame Construction:6Your investment will last for years to come. Plus, the sturdy steel frame construction supports up to 250 lbs.
  • It is exceptionally easy to assemble, and is made from basic tubular steel, and has proven over the past year to be stable and well built.
  • It has a small floor footprint that can be used in any convenient corner of the home.
  • With the main stations of this tower you can work every major upper body muscle group and core.
  • L-bends in the frame, along with comfortable foam handles helps you get the most out of the workout.

Our opinion

We ought to know that Power towers are a great way to get basic full-body workouts in a compact space thus you need to give a good consideration to this device if you really need a proper workout at your home gyms, gyms, hotels, and even offices.

First with the price tag associated with it none of the power towers will beat Stamina 1690 Power Tower with an additional advantage of being smaller than most of the power towers in the market hence if you have a space challenge, this will be a perfect solution to your workout need.

If you are serious about working out then you will love this unit as it will give you comfortable and secure foam hand grips and you will also get these added to the ergonomic push-up section as well as pull-ups and chin-ups so you will not hurt your hands when you are using this product. You will also get the ability to do triceps dips, vertical knee raises and you will also be able to incorporate a versatile workout for the chest, apps and the back as well as the arms.

This model also includes slip and caps and it will be able to be used by anyone up to the weight of 250 pounds. This product will give you a simple power Tower but also has a lot of different features so if you had a look our top choice and you are looking for something a bit simpler and a bit easier to setup then this is the one to check out.

If you are looking for versatility then you will love this product as most people said that it is very easy to setup and if you have a smaller room that you are working out in you will love this choice.

A perfect power station to have for it accommodates even beginners.

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