Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper with Handle Bar Review

This is a stepper with twisting action to work buttocks and thighs without stressing bones and joints Adjustable stepping height Handle bar helps you keep your balance; non-slip foot plates provide safe, secure stepping Computer with LCD screen to display count, total count, calories, scan, and time.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper with Handle Bar has Heavy-duty steel construction for stability and durability Manufacturer’s warranty included – see Product Guarantee area for complete details About Sunny Health & Fitness Sunny Health & Fitness has been importing and distributing high-quality health and fitness products for over ten years. From their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, they import equipment from direct sources in Taiwan and China to provide more competitive pricing than the average health and fitness equipment distributor.

Sunny Health & Fitness’s Twister Stepper with Handle Bar works your deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on your bones and joints. The twist action of the Sunny Twist Stepper with Handle Bar will help tone your whole body, specifically working your thighs and buttocks. This adjustable stepper comes with attached handle bars to help keep you balanced.This is a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym or to get you started on your journey to better health.

What we liked about it

  • Non-Slip Pedals: Textured non-slip oversized foot pedals to ensure safety of your vigorous workouts.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction to stand the test of time, and the everyday use of intense workouts.
  • It helps Keep in shape from the comfort of your home with a twist stepper
  • As a  home gym machine it helps in exercising deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints
  •  The Stepper features twist action to help tone buttocks and thighs
  • With adjustable stepping height it can serve anybody with any height
  • This twister stepper machine includes handlebars for a good grip while doing your exercise.
  • A multi-function LCD computer. This includes calories burned, session time, a scan function and step count.
  • Reduced impact and pressure on bones and joints.
  • Stepping height and handles which are adjustable.
  • Easy to assemble for quick use.
  • Low impact workout, easy on the joints.
  • By using the foot plates, the twisting action provides toning of the glutes, legs, thighs, hips and calves.
  • Easy to carry and store, ideal for the home and or office.
  • Let’s face it, we are all not fitness pros and we need to start somewhere. This stepper has Handle Bars to help keep you balanced while you step. Great for beginners who are new to the stepping world
  • Space efficient, the handles removable making for easy81RKUNZ-qJL._SL1500_

What we didn’t like about it

  • As time goes by, as with many elliptical steppers, the joints become squeaky and noisy. This however is easy to remedy with a little lubricant from time to time.
  • The built in LCD computer does not include a pulse monitor.
  • Beneficial for beginners but not so much for fitness experts.
  • If it is used for long periods of time without any breaks it can generate heat, lowering the tension resistance.

Our opinion

The Sunny Twist Stepper, is a great workout machine that allows you to slim your waistline and exercise your deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints all from the comfort of your home. This stepper features twist action to help tone the buttocks and thighs, an adjustable stepping height, heavy-duty steel construction, and handle bars that help you maintain your balance along with security non-slip footplates. The stepper also comes with an LCD display for control and a self-generating power source on an elliptical drive system.

The Twist Stepper arrives needing assembly, but the process is thankfully very straightforward. Having said that, do allow yourself fifteen to twenty minutes to complete the process, as although it’s not difficult, you’ll need a little time to take a look at the instructions and make sure they’re completed carefully.

Given this is a low priced model most customers are pleased that it will track the workout time, estimated calorie burn and step count automatically. It’s frustrating when you get going with a workout and realize you’ve forgotten to start your stopwatch, so having this built into the machine is a great plus point.

It is important to note that this product is not intended for commercial use. It is designed for home use only. Any commercial use of this product will void the warranty.

We do recommend this machine for your home workout based on the information provided above.

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