Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Our healthy living it tied to regular exercise which sometimes becomes so hard to achieve because of our busy schedules. Why can’t we adopt a readily available option which comes with a lot of convenience to achieve this healthy lifestyle?

81AHDcM8qRL._SL1500_This Weider Ultimate Body Works will help you achieve fitness than never before. This item is a worthwhile choice for beginners as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts who are looking to amp up an existing routine.

It’s specially designed to work just about every muscle group. This adjustable incline bench provides exercise possibilities for both upper and lower body workouts. With regular use, it can help you strengthen muscles and enhance flexibility.

The Weider Body Works machine features an inclined platform with wheels that you can adjust to your desired position to suit your workout goals, body size and existing strength. A steeper incline yields greater resistance. Stretchy bands provide the option to increase the perceived weight up to 50 lbs beyond your own body weight.

Its distinctive cable and pulley system allows for greater versatility and a greater range of motion. Weider Ultimate Body Works features a compact space-saving design, so it’s a premium option for home gyms.

Description Summary81bSz5CI9PL._SL1500_

  • Adjustable incline bench on wheels with a pulley on each side
  • Adjust the bench to a steeper incline to increase the amount of weight resistance
  • Resistance bands provide the option to increase weight resistance up to 50 lbs with the addition of the 4 resistance bands
  • Weider Body Works’ cable and pulley system allows for greater versatility and greater range of motion
  • Resistance bands increase weight resistance beyond the user’s own body weight
  • SpaceSaver design conveniently folds for easy storage
  • Size: 71″L x 26.5″W x 49.5″

81+gBPjfAKL._SL1500_You can achieve your exercise using a wide range of incline settings, adjusting the angle of the rail has a direct influence on the difficulty of each exercise.

With the sliding rail fully extended, your bodyweight will naturally make the cushioned support section more challenging to move. Having the cable attachments at the top of the bench means you can use this for exercises from cable flys to seated rows.

Should your strength reach a level whereby your bodyweight isn’t creating enough resistance to make the exercise challenging, then up to 4 bands can be connected to the base, increasing the resistance on the back support / seat by a maximum of 50 lbs.

The goal of the Ultimate Body Works is to take your bodyweight and use it for a wider variety of exercises than the traditional pull ups, crunches, and dips.

Not only is your exercise selection more varied, but you can also move through your workout a lot quicker than if you’re having to change the plates on free weights

What we liked about it71FZMXWUFSL._SL1500_

  • It’s Base frame is extremely stable
  • Weider Ultimate provides you with many of the same exercises as conventional cable machines, but at a fraction of the weight and cost.
  • Cable & Pulley System allow for greater versatility and greater range of motion
  • Sturdy and durable frame design.  Weider Ultimate Body Works system is a sturdy unit. The frame is constructed of steel tubing so that is both stable and durable.
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • 4 x Resistance Bands: Provides the option to increase weight resistance up to 50-pounds
  • Space Saver Design: Conveniently folds for easy storage
  • Exercise is more varied than most conventional multi gyms
  • Adjusting your body position or the attachment clipped onto the pulley, you can create a completely different exercise to the one you were just performing in a matter of seconds. This in itself will help increase the intensity of your workouts by reducing rest time, giving you the option to add an extra exercise to your workouts.
  • You can create all the resistance you need by using your bodyweight and varying the exercise or rep tempo.

Our opinion

81nCFSGxopL._SL1500_Weider Ultimate Body Works is a compact home gym system that combines calisthenics with cable pulleys and resistance cords to create a challenging workout at home, without the need for piles of weight plates.

If you are searching for a complete strength training equipment for home, then it can be an excellent solution for you.

With the help of it, you can strengthen your entire body with different simple and compound exercises. It is especially beneficial for those who want to get in shape, burn some extra calories and strengthen their muscles without going to the gym.

You can use this machine to work your back, arms, shoulders, lats, abs, legs and glutes. The machine comes with an instruction manual that shows you 100 different exercises you can perform on this single bench.

You can use the sliding board to pull your weight up and down using the cables, which allows you to perform a variety of exercise like leg presses, back rows, and lat pulls.

The ability to adjust the incline position allows you to control the difficulty of the workout, and the resistance bands let you push your limits even further. There is also a footrest the base of the machine so that you don’t slide off the bench in the middle of your exercise.

Weider Ultimate Body Works is one of the cheapest body work machine you can find in the market not forgetting the variety of exercise it will give you. If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight alternative to home gyms that rely on weight towers, this design from Weider is certainly one to consider to have in your home.

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