Yoheer 932F Extra-long Cut & Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Review

The Yoheer 932F Oven Mitts is a high quality extra-long cut & heat resistant outdoor, widely in kitchen and by mechanics for used, excellent multi-functional and great for working with hot items from the oven, stove top, grill etc.

Made of high quality cotton and Para & meta aramid fibers, range 350 F – 932 F, work very well for standard baking temperatures.
Comfortable and reliable, they will not burn your hands unless you are holding a rack that just came out of high degree oven for longer time.
Very easy to put on and take off and most importantly truly protects makes you do a rib-eye steak in my cast iron pan out on the gas grill.
Extra-long and easy to wash, the outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt exposed to an open flame.


  • They are white/crème color with blue flame colored anti-skid silicone flame decor which act as grips.
  • 100% Cotton Lining makes them nice and soft inside while the fabric itself is fireproof.
  • They are right at 12.6x 6.5x 1.2 inches in size which nicely covers your wrist area and more.

How to use it

Hand out and wiggle it around to get it back when the gloves get stuck after long time using.
Don’t hold hot burning dishes for long periods of time no matter what are using to shield the hands and fingers.
932F Heat Resistant Gloves does not protect against heat from hot liquids.


They are comfortable and reliable. they will not burn your hands unless your are holding a rack that just came out of a 500 degree oven for longer than 5 minutes.

Extra-long and safe guarantee – High quality cotton lining of 932F heat resistant extra-long to protect my hands under industrial conditions and outdoor grilling.

Flexible and reliable – Allow you to get a secure grip on a very hot just out of the oven or grill item on the top and the bottom.

Easy to use- Convenient to put on and take off, do work very well for standard baking temperatures.

Widely used- Handy with all the Outdoor Grilling & BBQ,Cookie


so far the only con i have seen of these is that the inside glove can get stuck when you are pulling your hand out and then you have to put your hand in and wiggle it around to get it back how it should be.


The gloves work great for normal kitchen use in place of a pot holder or regular oven mitts.

I would use these gloves for regular kitchen use, but not for anything that requires protection from extreme heat.

These work great against any heat, but putting on these gloves takes a minute, so if you need to pull something out of the oven (or grill) ASAP, you will be frantically trying to put these on. The fingers do allow better gripping, so it’s a trade-off.

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